Call Antioch Bible Church with any questions you may Have


Q - Are there motels/hotels nearby and group rates available?

A – Yes! Do a search on our website by clicking on the map button. Click in the box where it says “Westminster” and type in hotel/motel for search nearby. Talk to the hotel for group rates.

Q – Is there a discount for groups?

A – No, we try to keep it affordable for everyone. There is a price break for students.

Q - Are there still seats available?

A – Yes, but we are advising people to register now as it is filling up fast.

Q – Is there a discount if I only attend 1 of the days?

A – It’s the same price. The cost of the conference is very reasonable compared to other conferences and for the quality and expertise of the speakers.     

Q – Is there a schedule?

A – Yes, it will be posted on our website when it’s closer to the conference.

Q – What are some of the topics?

A – Here’s a list of common topics:

  • Apologetics for the Twenty-First Century
  • An Ancient Message for Post Modern Times Through Modern Means
  • Is the Bible Without Error?
  • Can Atheists Live by Bread Alone?
  • What Is a Wise Christian Understanding of and Response to “Climate Change”?
  • Is Disagreement a Problem for Christian Belief?
  • Does God Disclose Himself to Nonbelievers?